Wedding Tent Rental, Vancouver – Has COVID-19 Delayed Your Big Day? Here’s How to Regroup and Get Things Back on Track!

The pandemic has affected many whether it is financially, emotionally or physically. It is a trying time, and if you’ve had wedding plans this spring or summer, we completely understand the feeling of frustration you’re experiencing right now.

One of the most important days of your life is your wedding day; an unforgettable journey that shouldn’t be offset by anything. Now while COVID-19 may have temporarily derailed your D-Day plans, all’s not lost!

At Point Grey Rentals, we are fully committed to giving you all the equipment you need; tents, cutlery, flooring dividers, heating and cooling supplies and wedding tables and chair rentals in Vancouver – to make your day a success. 

As a leading wedding tent rental company in Vancouver, we’re by your side to help you find the right venue and tick every box on your to-do list. 

As soon as quarantine ends, you’ll be able to marry your loved one in a wonderful ceremony, enjoy an amazing reception, and pretty much have your cake and eat it too!

In this article, we discuss why a reliable event rental provider is very crucial during this time. 

Get an Expert to Scout Your Dream Venue

After all, what’s a wedding without a venue? Maybe you’ve been able to retain your original venue after rescheduling for a later date. However, if their rescheduling policies are working against you and your original venue fell through with the pandemic, don’t despair. 

We have the perfect Plan B. 

At Point Grey Event Rentals, we’ve been in the business of planning extremely detailed weddings; everything from minimalist to and glamorous without a hitch. 

Our professional location scouts know all the best venues in Vancouver like the back of their hands. After you describe your dream destination with us, our scouts get to work instantly to find something that fits your vision, and yes, even your budget!

We have a wide network of popular locations on hand, and inside access to each of them, having built a great rapport with them over the span of our time in the business. 

As a bonus, our consultants can assist you in getting all the necessary permits from various government agencies relating to your event and venue. The professional relations between our staff and those agencies guarantee speedy approval for your event permits and layouts.

The best part? We do all of this without breaking our already strained budget. Trust us to do what we do best; give you the perfect wedding well within your budget!

No More Stress – Wedding Chair Rental | Wedding Table Rental, Vancouver

You’ve been through enough anxiety, now let us shoulder that burden for you!

Leave nothing to chance when the big day rolls around. We will assess your venue and create a list of items you will need to keep your family members and guests happy. 

We rent out everything from tents, flooring dividers, cutlery, and more so that you don’t have to shuffle between tons of different rental providers to get everything you need. 

Tent Rental Options

You always have to have your game face on, especially if you are planning an event outside. Our inventory works for any location, and has the ability to do a wedding rental for as small as 10 people and going up to over 3000…Our team is available to come set up the tents as well as completely take those down, leaving you to focus on your big day!

Flooring and Dividers

Most of the time if you pick an outside venue the surface is not exactly the best or most photogenic. For you to have the best wedding rental experience in Vancouver, we have a plethora of options that you can pick and choose from. 

Tables and Chairs

For the better part of your wedding, guests will be seated at tables. We find this part of the wedding crucial. This is why we have paid a great deal of attention in order to source the best tables and chairs possible.

Contact the Best Wedding Tent Rental Company in Vancouver

We can take care of all of the above for you right now! Look no further. Our team of dedicated event coordinators are familiar with the major party venues in Vancouver and can provide the right items to make sure your party runs without a hitch. 

All our tents are created from high-quality materials, built to resist the elements and match any theme and decor under the sun. 

We can make organizing so much easier. Contact us to explore our affordable tent options.

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