Planning Your Post-Quarantine Event? Why an Equipment Rental Service is a Great Idea!

We’ve been confined to our homes for several months and many of us are just itching to be outdoors. Whether it’s a wedding, gathering, or a party, we must all take careful steps to ensure we not only have a good time, but are safe in doing so. That’s why Point Grey Rentals can help you plan your next post-quarantine event. 

Point Grey Rentals provides chair rentals and table rentals in the Vancouver area. With our help, you’ll be able to rent all the equipment you need for your event. We’re taking great care to ensure everything we use is cleaned down after use and that the next person is safe. 

If you want to learn more about us, call our number at (604)-441-9777. We’ll cover some of the items you can rent for your event, how Point Grey will guide you through planning, and why you should take advantage of our convenient services. 

Planning Your Post-Quarantine Event

Having an event of sorts is a celebration of us getting through challenging times and reuniting with your closest friends and loved ones. At Point Grey Rentals, we’ll work on your project from the ground-up and help establish your initial concept into a well functioning, safely distanced event. 

We recognize that some people will be on a budget and plan accordingly to what we can make available for your event. We take budget development very seriously and will also provide on-site inspection of grounds to ensure your event is in a safe location. 

Another great aspect of our business is our dedicated personnel who will help to install and deliver all the equipment you need. They’ll be on standby whenever you need them and will supervise the proper installation and timely delivery of materials to you. Afterwards, they’ll clean everything up, make sure things are sanitized, and assist in site restoration. 

We’re highly regarded in the rental field and our experience, hard work, and professionalism should speak for themselves. You can be sure that you can have a safe, fun post-quarantine event to everyone’s benefit. 

What You Can Rent For Your Event

We have many equipment you can rent and use for your upcoming event. If you need furniture, we have exceptional, sturdy tables and chairs for your guests to use. We have tablecloths and decorations to make everything look nice on the event date. We also offer cutlery and glassware if you need them, which will be thoroughly cleaned before and after the event. 

Our signature service is our tent rentals, which you can use to house a good number of guests while shading them from the elements. There are a variety of tents we have for rental, ranging from simple structures like pop up, frame, and large party tents to marquee tents if you want something more elaborate. 

In addition, we also have special flooring to make sure the ground looks nice and your guests are walking on a safe surface. Moreover, you can also rent portable AC and heating machines to make sure the temperature is just right and your guests are comfortable. 

Why Point Grey is the Right Choice 

Point Grey Rentals not only rent out tents, furniture, and cutlery, but also detailed knowledge of event planning and execution. We’ll be with you to help you plan and host a safe, enjoyable environment at your event. Our strong commitment to you makes us the best choice for your post-quarantine event. 

Turn to the Best Chair, Table and Tent Rental Company in the Game!

If you’d like to learn more about our services and how we can help you, call us at (604)-441-9777 or email us at office@pointgreyrentals.ca. You can also use our handy contact form to send us any detailed questions or messages.