A Complete Wedding Checklist to Stand By | Rent Tables and Chairs for Wedding, Vancouver

A big wedding is coming up and you need to know what you need to prepare. A lot of things can run in your mind during this period, so it’s best to come up with a comprehensive checklist.

Point Grey Tent and Event Rentals will provide you with everything you need for your wedding. We’re a Vancouver based company that offers cutlery for rent as well as tent and furniture rentals.

We have a complete checklist for you to run through to see if you’re prepared. If you need to rent tables and chairs for your wedding, we got that covered for you and more with our outstanding service. So let’s see the materials you’ll need to organize that dream wedding.


Outstanding Furniture

If you have a lot of guests coming in, you’re going to need the right amount of chairs and tables for the occasion. Not to mention, you’ll also need the best quality covers for your chairs and tables, creating a comfy experience for anyone sitting down.

The size and shape of the tables count. Ask yourself what you need. Do you want square tables? Or round tables? Do you need long tables to place the food, drinks, or gifts? Would you want a head table to gloriously displaying the bride and groom?

All these questions are important when planning for furniture and we are prepared to rent a variety of tables to you at a fair price.


Food and Cutlery

You can’t eat good food without amazingly durable cutlery. Finding the appropriate catering is ideal for anyone that wants to feed all their guests. Your guests should enjoy drinking out of superb glasses and eating food off clean plates. Aside from the wedding cake, you’ll need to think of some good entrées to serve in celebration of the bride and groom.

We’ll provide you with the best knives, forks, glasses, and spoons available to use along with napkins and plates to keep everything together. We’ll also handle cleaning them up so you can enjoy more time with your guests.


The Right Tents

We at Point Grey pride ourselves on our various tent selections and service. Finding the right tent depends on what type of wedding event you’re planning. If you’re holding an outside ceremony and reception, you’re going to need good tents that do their job and maintain a good atmosphere.

There are a variety of tents you can choose to rent, so whether you decide to rent something small or simple or large for a big event, it all depends on the type of wedding you want to run.


Gift Bags

Everyone loves free stuff and your guests should have the satisfaction of getting a gift bag at a wedding. What you put in them depends on your budget, but small snacks or items can often make people feel satisfied. If you want to give out more premium items, things like bottles of wine, towels, or glasses are not entirely out of the question.


Make Your Event a Success With the Most Affordable Event Rentals – Fast Delivery!

If you’d like to rent tents, furniture, or cutlery for your next wedding, consider Point Grey Tent and Event Rentals to help you out. Get in touch with us to get more information about our services and browse our rental page to see what items work best for you.


Why an Event Rental Company is Your Golden Ticket to a Successful Party | Event Tent Rentals Vancouver

When you’re planning an event, you want the very best to happen. You want everyone that is attending to have a good time and a very memorable experience. Whether it’s a momentous wedding, an important public event, or just a special occasion worth celebrating, you want everything to go without a hitch. 

Point Grey Tent and Event Rentals will make your event planning easier and less stressful. We’re a Vancouver based event rental equipment service that specializes in event tent rentals. Additionally, we also have a cutlery rental service, so you don’t have to worry about getting plastic forks and spoons at the last minute. 

Here are a few ways Point Grey can transform your event into an unforgettable, resounding success story. 



More Than Tent Rentals 

Although renting tents is our bread and butter, Point Grey offers many more services to make big or small events run smoothly. We provide rentals for furniture like chairs and tables, special cutlery and glassware, and even portable air conditioning and heating machines. You’ll worry less about the temperature or elements of the weather and more on catering to your guests.  

We’ll cover all the details when it comes to event planning. Need a side wall and some accessories for your tent? We got those handled with durable material, complete waterproofness, and high UV ray protection. 

Need special flooring to spruce up the area around the tent and furniture? We got that as well. Our special selection of Hexadeck and Dura-Trac flooring supports tremendous weight while keeping the event looking clean and sleek.  



Types of Tents Offered

When you think of a tent, you think of a boring, white oversized sheet that keeps you shaded from the sun or dry from the rainy days in Vancouver. Our team at Point Grey wants your event to look its best along with your attendees. The vast selection of tents at our disposal offers much more than water protection. 

Our special marquee tents are simply designed to match the feel of summery events and are perfect for shows, festivals, or outdoor weddings. This type is great if you want to give your event a cozy, rural vibe. 

If you need something smaller and basic, we have pop up tents available to rent for your use anytime. These are easy to set up and require little effort in tearing down. It’s ideal for picnics, casual outings, or other small scale events. 

Our special frame tents are great for indoor use. There are no poles in the center of these tents, providing an unobtrusive experience for everyone involved. 

Have an event with a larger turnout? Point Grey also offers party tents to accommodate huge groups. We’ll help you out with all the details and can even find ways to seat over 2500 people in a tent. We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable with where they are seated. 



Customer Satisfaction 

As an experienced event rental company, Point Grey thrives on the high standards of our work and service. If you’re planning an important wedding, our team members will provide excellent, affordable options for you to choose from. We can also set up tents on the same day of the event and tear them down afterwards. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after yourself. 

If you plan on hosting an event in Vancouver, an experienced event diagram technician can cooperate with you by using a computer diagram service to maximize potential space, identify potential set up logistics, and finalize the operation. We have someone on call for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need any assistance or have any questions. 

You’ll also have no problem obtaining permits from various government agencies, as our staff works to grant fast approvals for your event layout. That’s less hassle for you and more time to prepare for your event. 



How to Get in Touch

Point Grey Tent and Event Rentals is a business born and bred in the beautiful city of Vancouver, so we know all the perfect local locations to host your event. You can be sure that your event is in good hands as our team knows the city inside and out. 

If you ever need rentals for tents, furniture, or cutlery, you can reach out to us anytime at (604)-441-9777 or visit our homepage for more details on getting a quote.