We will provide all the tables and chairs you need to seat your guests and the best tent layout for your event.


    We will provide all the tables and chair rental in North Vancouver you need to seat your guests and will work with you to find the best fit. At Point Grey, we offer much more than tent rentals. In addition to staying dry and out of the sun, your guests should also feel comfortable and at their best during big moments.


    We’re a well respected rental company that services both North and West Vancouver and have a vast network of contacts and expertise. We have years of event planning experience to help you out from the start of your project to its big debut. From tent rentals to the cutlery you use to eat on our long tables, we provide a helping hand in every aspect of your event. 


    Our clients provide us with impactful testimonials of our exceptional service and we’re always motivated to deliver results and satisfy all your needs. We stand by their success and learn from things that go wrong so we can be better. 


    Our Brand Philosophy

    You never want to leave people standing for hours as the bride and groom slice a piece of their humongous wedding cake. It’s uncomfortable, annoying, and not to anyone’s benefit. You want your surroundings to reflect the positivity of the event and reap all the rewards and praise. 


    That’s why Point Grey is proud to provide extravagant seating and dining arrangements for everyone involved. Whether you want to rent tables and chairs for a wedding or fine cutlery, we want to make sure we cater to everyone’s needs and delivering great customer experiences is our top priority. That includes how they feel when they sit down or how satisfied they are on where they eat. Rested feet equals a rested mind and an overall good time. 


    High-Quality Table and Chair Event Rentals in Vancouver  

    We have a variety of tables and chair event rentals available that can seat a fair number of people each. Whether it’s an army of 100 or a small group of 10, we have the right amount of furniture to use for any situation in any event. They are easy to decorate over and clean as you wrap things up. 


    You can bet that our equipment is of the highest quality and specially customized for any occasion. We have a large inventory of specialty items that you won’t find at any other rental company. We take great care in making your event look its very best and leaving a lasting impression on your guests. 


    Routine Support and Exceptional Service

    Our dedicated staff will work with you to find the best amount of furniture you need as well as your preferred types of chairs and tables. We have a team of talented professionals to assist in installing the furniture, organizing it, and making sure everything looks spectacular. 


    We’ll be with you every step of the way as you determine which things go where and the type of environment you want to create. Members of our hardworking team will help arrange the furniture in the best possible spaces. 


    Our staff can be reached anytime for 24 hours a day. You can also contact our local coordinators and department managers by cell or two-way radios on the day of the event. We’ll also help with the cleanup and storage of the furniture after the end of your event. 


    Vancouver Event Rental Team – Contact Us for Prices and Questions

    We’ll work with you on a plan that won’t put too large of a dent in your budget. We have competitive plans and cost-effective equipment maintenance to make sure you pull off a great event without breaking the bank. Any challenges will be tackled head-on and we’ll provide you with the best solutions going forward. 


    To receive a quote, please send us an email or call us anytime at (604)-441-9777. We’ll provide you with helpful information to get you started on your event planning.