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Do you have a huge party coming up? Maybe a birthday or wedding? Planning it can get a little exhausting, we completely get it. You’re in luck. Starting from right now, we’re going to help you organize this party to a tee, making sure you have all the most important supplies.

The first thing that you have to consider, of course, is where your event falls on the spectrum between formal and casual. This theme will then lend itself to the type of supplies in which you invest. 

No matter the size of your event, Point Grey Rentals is here to help! We are an experienced wedding rental team in Vancouver that strives to make your job easier. Among a score of other items we also offer pop up tent rentals and have worked with hundreds of clients to make their events a success. 

Below, we’ve shortlisted the items you simply cannot do without for your party;


The right tent can usher in a special atmosphere for your event. Being versatile in both style and size, these are able to combine the whimsy of the outdoors with the glamour of a black-tie event.

The size of your site will dictate the type of tent that works best. For instance, if you rent a 20×20 pop up tent for a Vancouver event, you’re most likely working with a roomier locale for a large sponsored event or a huge wedding. Also, consider that you need to leave a perimeter of at least 10 feet around the tent to safely set up and anchor it. 

Pop Up Tents

Pop up tents can be collapsed to become easily portable. These canopies are available in a wide array of sizes from 5×5 feet to 10×20 feet. Youll find that these canopies are delivered in two portions; the frame and the top. The former is designed from steel or aluminum. 

Steel is a little heavier than aluminum and usually costs less. If you’re looking to transport the tent quite some, we recommend going for a stainless steel canopy as you get the best of both worlds! It’s lighter than steel and still more durable than aluminum. 

Marquee Tents

Marquee tents offer more flexibility and can be stacked in a number of different formations to match any shape. These are a type of large tent that you’d often see at summer festivals and weddings and are specifically associated with English country garden weddings. 

These are very modular and their unique gutter systems allow them to be connected in various configurations. 2 people can easily assemble the entire structure. To ensure a clutter-free interior, these are fitted with a flying centre pole. 

Heating/Cooling Equipment

Who said it’s a bad idea to have an outdoor event during the winter? In fact, with the right heating equipment, you can keep your guests warm and let them enjoy the dazzling sights and sounds around – creating your own winter wonderland!

You need to rent a portable heating system so that whether you’re hosting a 200-person gala or having a simple backyard party – you can easily create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your tent and keep the elements at bay!

Cutlery and Glassware

What many don’t know is that tableware can serve as a functional and decorative element. You need items that your guests will find practical and at the same time, you want something that matches the overall theme – sophisticated for a wedding, fun for a kid’s birthday party!

A couple of the most important items that usually cut a striking picture at any table; dinner and salad plates, wine glasses, cutlery, centrepieces, and bread plates. 

Flooring and Dividers

Considering it’s the outdoors, you need a makeshift floor that’s rigid and sturdy to walk on. These are delivered in individual panels in different dimensions, that can be easily moved and assembled to create a strong and stable floor. 

These are accommodated inside the tent structure so as to provide firmer footing on the soft soil. As opposed to traditional flooring components, some of these floors can be put together 4 times faster and do not require any stringers. 

At Point Grey, we also stock hexagonal-shaped floor panels that not only create a stunning aesthetic, but also have greater structural strength than their square counterparts. 

The Right Supplies Will Make Your Event a Success!

We can take care of all of the above for you right now! Look no further. Our team of dedicated event coordinators are familiar with the major party venues in Vancouver and can provide the right items to make sure your party runs without a hitch. 

All our tents are created from high-quality materials, built to resist the elements and match any theme and decor under the sun. 

We can make organizing so much easier. Contact us to explore our affordable tent options. 

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