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Beat Those Winter Blues With Outdoor & Patio Heaters! | Outdoor Heater Rentals, Vancouver

Old Man Winter is around the corner. 

Because of the pandemic, you may not be able to hold indoor events, dine-ins, or gatherings. Let’s take it outside!

Ask about our high-quality and affordable outdoor and patio heaters. Whether you’re hosting a 300-person event or a simple backyard party, these heaters work wonders to keep the crowd toasty and happy!

Hesitant to buy? Point Grey Rentals has the perfect solution. Our patio heater rentals in Vancouver aim to fit your tight budget. These create the perfect atmosphere for any event under the sun. 

While most of our rentals are on a per-weekend basis, we also provide long-term outdoor heater rentals in Vancouver upon request. 

The Use of Outdoor and Patio Heaters During the Pandemic

The use of outdoor seating areas has become increasingly popular not just because of the pandemic, but also because it is proven that being outdoors even helps with seasonal affective disorder. 

There has been a rapid increase in patio heater rentals to be able to accommodate this growing need. Even with a few strategically placed portable heaters, you can get a good radius of warmth on your premises without breaking the bank!

Get a Great Quote With a Point Grey Outdoor Heater Rental in Vancouver

Point Grey rents out top-quality tents and event equipment so that all functions, small or large can be perfect. 

Our passionate coordinators will work tirelessly from beginning to end to guide you through budget development, on-site inspection, proper installation of equipment and site restoration. 

Point Grey endeavours to make your planning easier, no matter the project and timeline, and excels in unexpected matters that might happen throughout the event. 

What Are The Benefits of Portable Heaters?

The harsh winter doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck inside; however, with the pandemic, large gatherings have been postponed to curb the spread. 

You could even be a restaurant owner considering patio seating for your patrons. A portable heater keeps your plans on track! These enable safe and regulated outdoor heating without the danger of spreading the virus by having too many people in close proximity. 

You can stay compliant with important social distancing guidelines, and ensure that your income stream isn’t interrupted due to dine-in services being put on hold. 

Create a Breathtaking Ambiance for Every Event

Who says you can’t stay warm and be stylish? The portable heaters we offer set the tone for all events, large gatherings or small get togethers and everything in between. 

Not only are these very practical, but also very easy on the eye! You can create a sophisticated ambiance just by adding a few portable heaters to your setting. 

Keeping You Warm While Saving You Money

Outdoor heater rentals in Vancouver can be extremely expensive, and at Point Grey Rentals, we understand that a magical day doesn’t have to translate into breaking your bank account. 

Our portable heater rentals are industry standard, offered at a competitive price so that you can spend more time enjoying the company of your friends and family and less time worrying about your finances. 

Winterise Your Patio or Outdoor Seating With High-Quality Portable Heaters!

Point Grey has the most affordable outdoor portable heaters to make every moment comfortable and memorable. 

Winter is here, don’t let your party plans take a back seat. Contact Point Grey Rentals for a great quote today. 

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